The Manchester Leadership Award

If you’re a new undergraduate (from September 2016), you can complete our new Manchester Leadership Award.

More than just a record of your achievements, the Manchester Leadership Award is our most prestigious extra-curricular accolade. It’s proof that you know what it means to do more and be more. It’s proof that you’re ready to take on your next challenge and shape your future.

You don't need to sign-up. In order to gain the Manchester Leadership Award upon graduation, there are some specific activities that you need to complete throughout your degree:

Ethical Grand Challenges

If you completed the Sustainability Challenge in Welcome week than you’ve already taken the first step towards gaining your Manchester Leadership Award. You’ll also need to complete the Social Justice Challenge (second year) and Workplace Ethics Challenge (third year).

Make a difference

Complete 40 hours of verified volunteering, undertaken for the benefit of the wider community:

  • This can include volunteering supported by either the University or the Students’ Union
  • It could include verified volunteering completed as part of the Manchester Leadership Programme
  • It could also include verified volunteering, supported by either the University or the Students’ Union, undertaken for the benefit of international communities

You can find volunteering opportunities on the Volunteering microsite

Step up to lead

Complete two of the following recognised leadership activities:

How is it recorded?

You don't need to sign up for the Manchester Leadership Award. All of the Stellify activities are recorded on your Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR), alongside your academic accomplishments. Before you graduate you’ll be able to see your record, and share it with potential employers as a verified account of all of your successes as student of The University of Manchester. If you've completed each of the three things above, you'll be presented with the Manchester Leadership Award at Graduation.